Stomp Off Records
Leader/Arranger Jean-Pierre Morel (Le Petit Jazz Band) with Bob Erdos
    Bob Erdos created Stomp Off Records in 1980 with the purpose of preserving the styles and repertoire of the classic period of ragtime and jazz, essentially the 1920s and earlier. These idioms continue to provide today's musicians with a viable artistic vehicle for creativity and improvisation and at the same time afford the listener the opportunity to hear, in brilliant fidelity, the great tunes and styles of those early years. To date, Stomp Off has produced 433 recordings, most of which are currently available on CDs.

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Stomp Off Records album covers
Partial Artist List:
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The Back Bay Ramblers
Down Home Jazz Band - iTunes
John Gill And His Sentimental Serenaders - iTunes
Vince Giordano Nighthawks - iTunes
Duke Heitger Big Four - iTunes
Heliotrope Ragtime Orchestra - iTunes
Bob Helm - iTunes
Keith Ingham / Their Hot Cosmopolites
Le Petit Jazz Band - iTunes
Les Red Hot Reedwarmers - iTunes
Les Rois Du Fox-Trot - iTunes
Manhattan Ragtime Orchestra - iTunes
New Century Ragtime Orchestra - iTunes
Paramount Jazz Band - iTunes
Barbara Rosene - iTunes
The Southern Stompers
Andy Stein Blue Five - iTunes
Yerba Buena Stompers iTunes